Thursday, 10 July 2014
Trader 38 for sale in Essex

So you’re thinking of living aboard but your friends and family are concerned that it will be cold in winter… What is the honest truth about living on a boat?

1) It can save you money. Not always because it depends on the cost of your boat and your berth, but for some people it is a cheaper lifestyle than land-living.

2) Stock up on Water and Food. You’ll need plenty of water for washing and drinking so check out the size of the water tank when you’re looking at boats for sale. In some situations you’ll need to consider keeping plenty of food supplies on board in case the weather means that you’re reluctant to go ashore to shop.

3) It Ain’t lonely. Even if you live alone you are likely to meet new people. Live-aboards are a sociable bunch with a common shared interest.

4) There Will Be Condensation. Yes this can be a problem depending on the climate of where you are cruising, but it’s not as much of a challenge as many aspects of house maintenance can be.

5) You Can Work at Home. The Internet in the 21st century has made it possible to run a business from a boat. You could sell products online, offer freelance services or play the stock exchange. If you love people and love boats, have you considered a Boatshed business?

6) The Hidden Essentials of Life on Board. You will also need a little patience, a sense of humour and a willingness to learn new skills such as basic boat maintenance.

For many live-aboards the biggest reward of the lifestyle is the freedom: When you feel like moving on you can just up anchor and away; so long as your other commitments will allow it. In many ways you are free from some of the rules and regulations of modern life.

Are you ready to make the dream a reality? Find a liveaboard boat in Essex now.


Image credit: Trader 38 for sale

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