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Boatshed Essex
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Hi, I’m Steve Booth. The local broker at Boatshed Essex. Ever since I was a child I’ve always liked water based sports such as sailing and canoeing. I started off dinghy sailing and my first ‘proper’ boat was a Hurley 22. I’ve been a Boatshed broker for nearly 7 years now and love the people I meet on a day to day basis.
Every day is unpredictable. If I expect to do one thing I may end up doing something else. I’ve found that Service businesses have a duty to respond. I might plan my day but then a customer will ring up for a viewing and I’ll need to respond and change my daily plan. Days can be similar though; there is a routine of key tasks that you need to do. I might start the day working at home responding to email enquiries. Then I’ll head into the office for more admin. Then there is the more proactive emailing, contacting customers about price reductions. With email people expect a same day response. Our office opens each day for a core amount of time, and Catherine is there four days a week.

Today I’m off to a yacht club to list a small motor cruiser. I’ll be meeting the customer, taking lots of photos and completing the listing agreement. It’s so much easier to do that on the boat with the owner because you’ll then glean a lot of additional information about the boat, like how many owners she’s had. Getting to know the owners is really important and it’s interesting meeting new people. We make sure I keep in regular contact with the owners.

The number of viewings I do can really vary. You’ll only have two or three a week and the next week you may have two or three every day. The weather definitely affects viewings, so we expect to be busier in April and May, but also September and October now seem to be bust months.

Completing a sale can be a time consuming process. You’ll be dealing with surveyors and organising a lift out with a marina. There’ll be documentation signing, a survey, maybe a sea trial. It can take about four weeks from the offer. We’re not just virtual brokers. We do it properly, professionally and we’re very thorough.

I would say it’s varied, but also quite routine. You meet all sorts of people from all walks of life and from all different countries. I think sea trials on a nice sunny day are a highlight of the job as it’s always good fun going out on other people’s boats!