Police in Sweden have recently managed to trace the owner of a luxury yacht left in a harbour for two years. The wealthy owner says he had forgotten about it! The £65,000 boat was moored close to Sweden’s border with Norway and the keys were left tied to the railings. A Facebook appeal eventually lead the police to the Norwegian owner. He had intended to sell the vessel in 2012 and was under the impression that the sale had been completed. He now owes two years of harbour fees.

Avoid paying harbour fees for your long forgotten boat!

Let Steve and the team help you to sell a boat online in 5 easy steps.

Step 1

Contact us. Consider your availability and the time required to sell a boat. We work on a no sale no fee basis and our method sells boats faster than the worldwide average. Our site visitors internationally can search for your boat by location, boat type, length, price and brand.

Step 2

Using information you’ve provided to us your boat description is professionally written by a broker who has visited your boat and personally spoken to you. Our broker creates a detailed specification including plenty of pictures and sometimes a video. Boatshed has our own YouTube channel which also helps with search engine rankings, meaning more buyers will be searching our site for your boat.

Step 3

Prepare the boat for sale. Fix any niggling mechanical issues, clean her up and remove any clutter. Remove anything not included in the sale to avoid confusing potential buyers. If you have a maintenance log or a collection of receipts for engine services and other work done collate these into a folder for those who come to view the boat.

Step 4

Set the price. Our brokers have extensive experience and a good knowledge of the current market. We can offer excellent guidance on this so that your price is attractive and realistic, whilst accurately reflecting the real value of your vessel. Buyers always want the lowest possible price but our broker will handle the awkward negotiation process.

There’s no need for you to be available to answer questions or do sea trials as we take care of the viewings. The detailed presentation of your boat on our websites reduces the chance of having to deal with those time wasters who either have no finance, or no real plans to buy.

Step 5

Essential paperwork. We create a bill of sale and provide other necessary documents and receipts to all parties.

Don’t be the owner who forgot their yacht!

According to the latest figures published by Yachtworld it now takes 300 to 550 days to sell a boat. During this time will you be at risk of forgetting you even had a boat for sale? Comparative data from Boatshed.com shows an average of only 225 days to sell a boat.

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Image credit: Moody 346 for sale

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