This week I am focusing on letting go of distractions: specifically internet distractions. If you work in an office with access to the internet you’ll know how tempting it is to click on some article link on Facebook or Twitter instead of getting on with your work.

I find I am drawn to absorb information just because I may need it. The next article I click on may very well improve my business or change my life! It’s almost as if I have a fear of missing some essential information. Sadly, sometimes my greed for new information to help me to run my business stops me from actually running my business!

But as of today I have a system of reminders and motivations helping me to stay focussed. I’ve set a timer on my phone while I do a specific task, and I will only log on to Facebook to do business related social networking!

As for getting sucked into the internet discovering local news and articles about boating, boats and sailing I know there is one place online that gathers all of this information for me, so that I don’t have to. Today’s news is collated together in the The Boatshed Essex Daily It collects all the best and most interesting stories from the folks I follow on Twitter so that I don’t spend all day tweeting. Have a look and you’ll see in one easy to browse page that you get news articles, blog posts, videos and photos. If you’re an Essex boater you can’t afford to miss it. Absorb the headlines, click on your favourites, but then set a timer so that you don’t get distracted for too long! There’s even a subscribe option that lets you know when a new edition is published.

Likewise, technology can make surfing the net for boats for sale a much more efficient affair. If you’ve no time to browse our site (because you’re supposed to be working today for example) consider setting up an alert using our Boatfinder function. New boats are added to the site regularly but you don't want to have to persistently check back every hour. Once you’ve added the spec for the boat you are looking for you can forget all about it. We do the work, matching your specs against our boats. Next time you log into Boatshed we let you know if we have added any boats to the site that may interest you.

So, now you know how to automate all of your boat-related internet surfing! It is the 21st century after all dontcha know?! You can also keep up with our blog without even trying by subscribing by email. We never share or sell email addresses, we’ll simply mail you whenever there’s a new article on the blog.

How do you avoid getting distracted online?


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