How much is your boat worth? Our brokers are here to advise you with their knowledge of the current market; but we can also offer some valuable top tips to help your boat meet its full potential.

1 Keeping up appearances

A customer is likely to cite bad presentation as a reason to reduce the asking price so try to keep your boat tidy, uncluttered and clean. If possible visit the boat regularly, give it a wash over every couple of months and keep it dry or aired.

2 Price reduction can be a good thing!

If the initial price is not attracting a good number of viewings we may suggest a price reduction. However, reduced boats gain extra exposure at Boatshed by being highlighted on our website. We will also email online customers who have already shown an interest in your boat, to let them know that the price has now been reduced.

3 What are similar models selling for?

Remember when researching the current market that an advertised asking price on a similar boat to yours does not necessarily mean that particular boat sold for that price. It may have had added features which attracted a different price. Or it may have taken a long time to sell at that price: in which case are you willing to wait a long time to secure a sale? Note also that a surveyor’s valuation for insurance purposes may be higher than the realistic resale value.

Do you need a broker?

Idris Lewis has been interested in sailing since 1976, when she was sat on a beach in North Wales watching sailing.

“I’d had previous dealings with Boatshed Portsmouth and personal knowledge of Steve. In February 2013 Boatshed helped me to sell a Sealine S25. I chose Boatshed for brokerage because of the wide marketing of the boat, the number of photos taken, large database of buyers and “no sale, no fee”.

We also helped Vanessa Ward to sell her Snapdragon 24, Sandel. She has been into sailing for about 30 years.

“The Boatshed Essex office is located in a yard on the Crouch, Steve was very helpful when I purchased the Snapdragon and I decided to stick with him for the sale. Steve and Catherine are great, they do their best to help their clients, even occasionally assisting with the moving/shipping of a boat..... going the extra mile.

My Snapdragon was sold in March. Happily she was bought by a local and will be up at Brandy Hole so I should see her out on the river.”

Find out more about how our brokerage service works. Selling a boat.

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